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3D Printer splash screen

MKS-TFT32 is a colorful touch screen LCD, designed by Makerbase(MKS).

It is suitable for many main board, such as MKS BASE, MKS GEN,


But can’t work with Ramps1.4.

$62.45 $54.39


MKS TFT32  touch screen smart controller 3.2inch Overview

MKS-TFT32 is a colorful touch screen LCD, designed by Makerbase(MKS). It is suitable for many main board, such as MKS BASE, MKS GEN, MKS MINI, MKS SBASE, etc. But can’t work with Ramps

1.4. Package List: 1pcs*MKS TFT32 1pcs*cable ​(Not including SD card) Features­ 1.32 inch colorful touch screen, support U disk and SD card.
2.Support continual and easy software update.
3.Support MKS Wifi module.
4.No need to adjust firmware, support Marlin, Smoothieware and Repetier.
5.Support keeping printing and saving of outage. Also exhausted material detection.
6.Support logo and button customization .
7.Support user define function. MKS TFT32 Dimension


Boot Setting

Step1: turn on MKS TFT32 at first time, then enter –> setting –> connection, select baud rate that the firmware use.
Step2: enter –> setting –>model, choose printer type,

only Delta and other two options
Others: enter –> setting –> touch screen correction, improving accuracy.

Firmware Update
Copy the latest update firmware to SD card root directory, including:
1. mkstft32.bin.
2. mks_config.txt.
3. mks_pic.

Please do not adjust the file name.
Insert SD card, it will update automatically after restarts.

Outage Saving
When is halted state on printing, then can turn it off directly.
It will keep working on last halted state when next time use.
Continuous Printing after Halted State
If power break off during printing, it can continue printing from off place after restarting.
(Motor driver can not work after power cuts, it will cause defective models if the print head
remains in the model, you need to improve power failure, detection module and UPS.)


Outage Detection
1. Connect signal S of outage detection module to PB0 pin,
cathode and anode connect to the -/+ of PB0 pin.
2. When system fails to connect with power, outage detection module will inform touch screen automatically and enters into
printing suspending status. Power supply of UPS will depart printer head from model.

Exhausted Material Detection
1. Connect S on limited switch of detection to PB1 pin,cathode to PB1 pin – .
Caution: it will pause when switch S connects with Ground.
2. When it comes to run out of material, the limited switch will inform touch screen automatically and stop printing.

Photo Customization
1. MKS TFT supports photo customization. Also, logo, button pictures, font color can be self-designed. Method reference: MKS TFT Pic_custom.pdf
2. MKS TFT can support 7 user-defined button which order is up to 200 characters. Method reference: MKS TFT Pic_custom.pdf

WIFI Connection
1. MKS TFT can support MKS WIFI module.
2. After MKS TFT works with MKS WIFI module, can use Printrun, Repetier-Host to proceed remote connect and control. But it may make some functions unavailable.
3. Also, it supports using APP control and Android APP test. If you need to custom-made APP, please contact seller.
4. It provides specific communication interface and APP self-development or other communication software.


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