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TK5 Tripod 360 Rotaion Ball Head

1. TK5 Aluminum Alloy Tripod with Ballhead
2. 180° Reverse Folding Design
3. Built-in Compass
4. Load Capacity up to 5kg
5. 4-sections aluminum legs
6. 2 section Centre Column Design
7. Centre column can be using upside down, inverted to shootor or photography work
9. Spring hook for hanging belonging like camera bags or heavy thing to increase stability during windy days
10. Comfortable Closed Foam Grip
11. Provides a ballhead (360° horizontal and 90°vertical swivel)
12. Coming with a tripod bag for protection and carry


Category: . Package: Yes Type: Professional Tripod Weight (g): 1350 Material: Aluminum Folded Length (mm): 320 Use: Digital Camera Brand Name: QINGZHUANGSHIDAI Model Number: TK5 Max Extened Length (mm): 1375 Max. Height: 1375mm Min. Height: 440mm Folded Height: 320mm Net Weight: 1.3kg Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)



TK5 Portable Contractive Reflexed Tripod Camera Ball Head +Carrying Bag


TK5 is compatible with all cameras&camcorders, a good kit for travellers.
This Pergear TK5 features ball head with fluid 360 degree swivel, quick release plate on it can be
adjusted at any angle while non-slip rubber feet keeps good stability outdoor. The TK5 tripod
has a pullout angling adjustment allowing 4 legs be stretched flexibly, adding 180°reflexed design
It can be easily folded into 13inch . This Pergear TK5  tripod is ideal for outdoor travelling photographers.

1.  TK5 Aluminum Alloy Tripod with Ballhead
2.  180° Reverse Folding Design
3.  Built-in Compass
4.  Load Capacity up to 5kg
5.  4-sections aluminum legs
6.  2 section Centre Column Design
7.  Centre column can be using upside down, inverted to shootor or photography work
9.  Spring hook for hanging belonging like camera bags or heavy thing to increase stability during windy days
10. Comfortable Closed Foam Grip
11. Provides a ballhead (360° horizontal and 90°vertical swivel)
12. Coming with a tripod bag for protection and carry

1.  Material:Aluminum Alloy
2.  Max. Height: 1375mm
3.  Min. Height: 440mm
4.  Folded Height: Appro x 345mm
5.  Max. Tube Diameter: 23.5mm
6.  Loading Capacity: 5kg
7.  Net Weight: 1.3kg

1x TK5 Tripod with Ballhead
1x Carrying Bag







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